Reading progress update: I've read 127 out of 375 pages.

Raising Steam - Terry Pratchett

Well I' m about a third of the way through this and to be honest I'm struggling. Now, don't get me wrong, I am going to finish it, but I feel like I've fell into a river of treacle and land is 100 miles away!


The thing is, I love fantasy, and I love humour, so both together is heaven for me; except this seems a bit like Limbo. I feel like I'm stuck halfway between Heaven and Hell. The problem for me is the language Pratchett uses; it annoys me. Its almost like reading a 21st century version of the bible. The Terry Pratchett version. Lots of "But he said" and "For what purpose am I King. I will tell you..." I'm half expecting a "Verily I say unto thee..." soon. It just seems a bit disjointed.


I'm still a bit confused about the storyline too. There seems to be two or three sub plots but I'm damned if I know how they connect. Maybe I will find out later in the book. The only thing that makes sense to me at the minute is the main storyline and after 120 or so pages it is getting a bit more interesting, so I'll keep plugging away and see where it leads me. Hopefully not to Hell.